Welcome to G.S Fabricator's

We want to introduce ourselves as a team of experienced as well as qualified technocrats engaged in the activities of Fabrication/Erection and commissioning of various plants for Vegetable oil Refineries, Distillation Plants, Vanaspati Plants, Edible Oil and Bio-Diesel Oil Processing Plants, Effluent Treatment Plants for various industries, chemical plants and also modification of old vansapati & chemical plants by introducing modern technology.

We are capable in carrying out jobs of any magnitude to the entire satisfaction. We can take up all kinds of site-work including the following activities and shall be pleased to venture into new areas in accordance with the requirement of the job awarded. Brief of some of our activities are described are below

Deodorizer / Distillatory

a) Modification and conversion of continuous Deodorizer in physical Deodorizer for removing odors and distillates.

Erection of Pipeline

b) Fabrication and erection of pipeline for Vanaspati, Refinery, Distillation Plants, LP/HP systems, gas line including Oxygen, Acetylene, Ammonia LPG H2 etc. including radiographic welds in CS/SS/Alloy Steel Construction.

Fabrication of steel structure

c) Fabrication and erection of all kinds of steel structures with standards /prefabricated steel sections.


d) Installation/repair of all kind of valves, pipe lines, compressors and other industrial machines for power plants.

Storage Tanks

e) Fabrication and erection of all types of Storage Tanks in CS/SS construction including floating roof tanks of any sizes and designs.


f) Erection of Steam Generation Plants and Thermic Fluid Boiler.

Chemical Reactors

g) Fabrication and erection of chemicals reactors for processing plants.

Heat Exchangers/ Condensers

h) Shell and tube type heat exchangers including surface condensers of any sizes and designs


i) Fabrication and Erection of Evaporators, Crystallizers of any designs and size are fabricated and supplied.


j) Transmissions towers and lightning erectors are fabricated with material as per requirements.


k) Standards sizes railing and partitions grills for national highway roads are fabricated and fitted by us.

Material Shifter

l) Trolleys for shifted materials internally from process to process and for loading are fabricated and supplied by us of any designs.


m) Designing fabrications and commissioning of newly developed BIO-DIESAL Plants and supplied by us on turnkey basis.

FRP Work / Tank

n) FRP lining and vessel are supplied by us.

Lead /Rubber Lining

o) Lead and Rubber linings are done by us.

Oil Milles

p) Oil Milles and Solvent Extractions plants are also supplied and erected by us.

Hydrogen and Oxygenís Generation

q) Hydrogen and Oxygenís generation plants by electrolysis basis with all required accessories are fabricated and erected by us including gas purifiers and compressors.

Bakery shortening/ Margarine

r) Bakery shortening and margarine manufacturing plants are designs, fabricated and erected of any capacity.

Effluent Treatment

s) Effluent treatment plants with all pipe lines are erected and commissioned by us or any kind of chemical industry

Fire Fighting

t) Lying of fire fighting pipe lines including headers pump and other fitting done by us.


u) Boilers and for others gasses outlets CHIMNEYS of any sizes and heights are fabricated and erected as per site and requirements.